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At Zarc, we believe that the primary objective of advertisement is to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer. The expenses on advertising should be considered to be a ‘profitable investment’ that shall reap profits both in the long and short run. Businesses that keep on advertising regardless of rise or fall in the economic times get a competitive advantage over those that cut their ad budgets.

We understood the power of ‘Electronic Media’ from the very beginning of our Inception. Though it was early days of television industry in Pakistan, and there was only one television channel (that too was owned by the government), we went ahead and started sponsoring the first ‘quiz show’ of South Asia called ‘NEELAM GHAR’ hosted by the first voice of Pakistani television industry Mr. Tariq Aziz, in 1975. Four decades have passed; the same show still runs on PTV with the same host but with a different name ‘Bazm-e-Tariq-Aziz’, and we are still a regular sponsor of that show.

Other than the above quiz show, we sponsor new and modern quiz shows, such as, ‘JEETO PAKISTAN’ hosted by Mr. Fahad Mustafa, and Sindhi language quiz show ‘HO JAMALO’ hosted by Mr. Amir Shah.

Our television commercials are famous throughout Pakistan due to their production quality and heart-touching jingles. We invest heaps of time in crafting ideas and story of our TVCs that could touch the hearts of our loyal customer-base and simultaneously our customers could relate our brands and services with them. Our TVCs run on National Television Channels throughout the year, and every year we release a new TVC for most of our brands.


    (URDU Language) (50 seconds Duration)

    (Filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, by M/S Benetone Films)

    Most of the TVCs of Fairness Products nowadays show a “made-up” hard-featured woman who applies the advertised product and becomes “Miss Universe” in a few seconds. TVC of ‘Current Fairness Cream’ (2016 version) that was shot in Bangkok, Thailand, by M/S Benetone Films, directed by our very own Superstar Murtaza Chaudhry, breaks this cliché and its jingle says it all. It starts with praising the natural beauty of women and goes on till the end with the same theme.

    We, at Zarc, firmly believe that each and every woman in this world has been born beautiful naturally. Current Fairness Cream’s 2016 TVC cracks this wide spread cliché that any woman can be ugly and we will keep producing TVCs with the same message every year.


    (URDU Language) (15 seconds Duration)

    (Filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, by M/S Benetone Films)

    Directed by Murtaza Chaudhry, 2016 version of ‘Current Cold Fairness Cream’ goes with the same theme as of ‘Current Fairness Cream’ 2016 TVC. Current Cold Fairness Cream is a substitute of Current Fairness Cream in winters as it contains excess oil to make sure that your skin remains crack-free and nourished in dry weather, while you can experience the same fascinating goodness of Current Fairness Cream.


    Welcome to a graceful expression of Luxury and Comfort, where modernity meets joyful living. ‘Imperial Residency – Alamgir Road’ is highly accessible location and surroundings are second to none. Located at the heart of Karachi – Bahadurabad – adjacent to Ismail Nanitalwala Chowrangi, ‘Imperial Residency – Alamgir Road’ is the place that defines a lifestyle regal in nature that adds another jewel to Karachi’s exquisite skyline.

    ‘Imperial Residency – Alamgir Road’ stands out in one of the most centrally located districts in Karachi, within convenient reach of key commercial areas. These blossoming apartments perfectly balance big-town accessibility with peaceful living.

    ‘Imperial Residency – Alamgir Road’ goes above and beyond expectations, with innovative amenities catering to the whole family, from a kids play area to a barbecue space and a glass wall gymnasium.

    ‘Imperial Residency – Alamgir Road’ makes Car Parking easy and convenient for its inhabitants by providing multi-floor covered Car Parking. The project shall be equipped with Security Cameras for surveillance of your residence 24 Hours a day, Water Purification Plant, 2 High Speed Elevators, and a back-up Electricity Generator to make sure that you are not affected with the power-cuts.

    ‘Imperial Residency – Alamgir Road’ is yet another masterpiece of MUHIBULLAH BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS, a real estate development concern of Zarc Group, Inc.


    (URDU Language) (20 seconds Duration)

    ‘Current Face Wash’ was launched in the year 2015 and is already the No.1 selling whitening Face Wash National Brand. Its multi-action formula gives your skin a natural fairness and glow by purging excess oil of the skin and cleansing dirt from the upper layer of your face.


    (URDU Language) (60 seconds Duration) (Shot in Karachi, Pakistan)

    We, at Zarc, firmly believe that each and every woman in this world has been born beautiful naturally, but unfortunately it is a wide spread thought that less fair skin is less charming. Our competent Scientists and Research Analysts realized this cliché and committed themselves to develop a beauty cream that can quickly whiten a dull color skin and fortunately they succeeded in coming up with a ‘No side effects’ skin whitening cream formulation, certified by PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority) and PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) in 2003 that amazed our valued customers with its immediate whitening Results.