Established in 1969, with the import and distribution of Powder Milk from Holland and Japan, and establishment of first of its kind hi-tech manufacturing facility of Polypropylene Strap in Karachi, Zarc Group, Inc. is now a group of four fully functioned well-known companies with a wide reach to cater local market and diverse exports portfolio. We strongly believe that our pursuit of an inclusive growth model continue to yield meaningful success for all Zarc stakeholders and Zarc team members.

Currently, Zarc’s portfolio consists of varied business fields, which include Plastics, Personal Care, and Real Estate Development. Fueled by the vision of becoming the premier giant with a global reach, we at Zarc are passionately pursuing value creation for all stakeholders. Zarc’s investments in Plastics, Consumer Care Products, and Real Estate Development are all designed to deploy inclusive business models to pursue an integrated and inclusive growth for all who interact with our businesses. We create positive impact not just in the lives of our stakeholders, but across the entire economy.

Integrated in the Consumer Care sector and reaching out to a wide consumer base globally, we are equipped with hi-tech Italian Bar Soap Finishing Lines with integrated wrapping/packing units, Emulsifying Mixers for Liquid Formulations, and Filling cum Packing Lines to make sure that our consumers get the full value of their spending every time they prefer us on our competitors.

Taking advantage of extensive Petrochemical resources of Saudi Arabia, we are able to produce low cost, yet high quality PVC Hoses for local market as well as to cater huge demand of Exports to 22 Countries until 2015. Our presence in Saudi Arabia has helped us to effectively source Polypropylene for our Polypropylene Strap Factory in Karachi, Pakistan. We are the only manufacturer of Polypropylene Straps in Pakistan and the ever increasing demand of our Straps due to the trust of our consumers on our straps has helped us to enlarge our manufacturing facility constantly. We have been adding equipment regularly every year since 1969 in our PP Strap Manufacturing Facility and still have not been able to cater 100% demand of PP Straps locally.

Our Real Estate Development concern is known for its fine structures and architectural marvels spread across Karachi. The streets of the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi, with 26 high-rise structures and 200 medium-sized residential and commercial projects pretty much sum up our Real Estate Development Portfolio.

Today, we enjoy the patronage of 500 million consumers globally across consumer goods, real estate development, and Plastics. We firmly believe that this Customer base is only due to our continued quality improvement measures and our vision is to keep improving the quality of our products keeping in view the ultimate emphasis on Sustainable Manufacturing Practices.

For us, it is most important that besides our strong financial performance and innovative, much-loved products and services, we remain a good company. We are bringing together our passion and purpose to make a difference through our Good & Green strategy of ‘shared value’ to create a more inclusive and greener World.


'No kink' PVC Hoses. Trusted by generations.

The decade of 90’s was not very good for Plastic Industry in Pakistan (if not for the whole world, with exception of Mainland China). It was the decade when nearly every plastic product would carry ‘Made in China’ tag. Many Plastic factories of Pakistan had a sudden closure in those times but we committed to survive and compete ‘Made in China’ PP Straps with our High Quality and Durability. With a vast experience in Plastic Industry we knew that shutting the factory and leaving hundreds of our employees jobless would never be a good move.

Although, we saw hardest times but that fragile situation opened new markets for us. Due to low demand of our PP Strap in Pakistan, we knocked different doors and participated in various exhibitions around the world. Although, it was a bad time for every region but Saudi Arabia, which is the richest country in Petrochemical Resources could have borne those times.

With joint venture of Dahlawi Group (Saudi Arabia), Zarc Group, Inc. set up eight high-tech Double Layer PVC Fiber Braided Hose Manufacturing Lines in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in the year 1997. The manufacturing capacity of our PVC Hose Factory in Jeddah has to date increased by five times, with inclusion of Single Layer PVC Garden Hoses and high-end PVC Fire Hoses.

We have the first and the largest manufacturing unit of PVC Hoses in Saudi Arabia, and our PVC Hose Manufacturing concern is the largest exporter of PVC Hoses in Saudi Arabia with direct exports to Twenty-Two (22) countries around the world including USA, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, Libya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Maldives, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Tajikistan, UAE, and Yemen.


Hard-wearing, Durable & Strong PP Straps.

Polypropylene Strap is the most important material for Packing in Industries. While Pakistan was in line of Industrialization in the 60’s, the Founder Chairman of Zarc Group, Inc. took interest in setting up a high-tech PP Strap Manufacturing Unit in the metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi, and imported a high-tech Polypropylene extrusion Line from Japan in the year 1969.

In a few years, the demand of our PP straps took rise and we setup two more Strapping Band Lines, this time imported from Germany and setup another manufacturing unit. We moved-on with setting up two more manufacturing units of PP Strap in Karachi with 13 manufacturing lines until 1996. In the year 2005, the management of Zarc took initiative to combine all four Manufacturing Units into a large single manufacturing unit to make sure that we are sustainable and competitive. Today, we have 13 PP Strap manufacturing lines combined in a single unit.

We are supplying our Straps to more than 500 multinational and national companies in Pakistan. The demand is getting higher and higher day by day and we are planning to add two more manufacturing lines until 2017.


Reputable Brands. Affordable Prices.

The Personal Care Products’ sector is fast growing. We have developed 13 trusted Personal Care brands since our first brand’s launch in 2003. Our portfolio consists of manufacturing Beauty Bar Soaps, Beauty Creams, Fairness Creams, Cold Creams, Hair Removing Creams, Moisturizing Lotions, Whitening Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, Toothpastes, and Face Washes. We are the only national company with varied product portfolio and are known for our high-quality advertisements airing regularly in the local electronic media.

Our Manufacturing Facility in Karachi is one of its kinds. We have introduced the concept of ‘green workplace’ while setting up our manufacturing facility in 2003. Our capacity includes two Italian Mazzoni Soap Finishing Lines (each having 2 MT per hour capacity) with Wrappex Paper Wrapping units and LMC Pillow Packing Units.

For liquid formulations, we have 16 Emulsifying Mixers of varied capacities, equaling our total capacity up to 400 MT per day. Packing remains a very critical expect in Consumer Products and we are very much aware of it. We have Taiwan and Italian made Bottle Filling Lines, Jar Hot Filling Lines, Tube Sealing and Filling Lines, VFFS Machines for sachets, and other auxiliary machines for Carton Packing and different Packing needs.

We put a very high emphasis in quality. Once your quality is bad, no advertisement or Eye-catching Packaging can cover it up. You may sell your product solely because of your Packaging and Advertisement for once, but if the quality is not up to the mark, the consumer will not buy the product again. We have a high-end Research and Quality Lab in our Manufacturing Capacity to assure Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Continuous Improvement.


Developing Karachi since 1969.

We stepped into the real estate development sector in the year 1979 when we developed the famous ‘Zeenat Medicine Market’ in the old area of Karachi. Since then, we haven’t looked back.

Our Real Estate Development concern is known for its fine structures and architectural marvels spread across Karachi. The streets of the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi, with 26 high-rise structures and 200 medium-sized residential and commercial projects pretty much sum up our Real Estate Development Portfolio.

Our High-Rise residential developments are typically named as ‘IMPERIAL RESIDENCY’ and are known for luxurious and stylish living with covered car parking, play area, gym, prayer area, and common area so that the inhabitants of the building can come loser and feel like a family.

We understand that satisfied customers are the key to our success, and our business is built on repeat customers. At Zarc, we put our reputation on the line daily as your single source of accountability. From design and construction through building management, Zarc is here to serve you. We are on the verge of a technology and materials revolution that promises lower construction costs and a solution to problems such as global warming, waste and housing for the masses.